Guiding your app to success

Guiding your app to success

Your partner for success

We want your game to grow, thrive and be successful. We’ve been where you are! Lab Cave’s 360 Mobile Growth Services takes all our knowledge and expertise gained from developing and launching 700+ games. We help our partner studios with every aspect of their launch to reach their true potential.

We make data-driven decisions with one goal in mind:​ achieve the highest LTV without damaging the user experience. We create thoughtful, innovative solutions to make the most of your game, in terms of both monetization and user experience.

Business Approach

Having a great game is not enough. You need to drive people to it and help them engage. Our 360 publishing approach will provide the data and expertise to make decisions regarding Marketing and User Acquisition that aid your success.


Nobody can guarantee their app reaches the featured sections of app stores, but with proper planning before launch, continued support through launch, and consistent adjustment based on data, you have the best possible chance.

Collaboration Models

You worked hard on your game. Make sure you partner with those who will work hard with you. We are invested in the growth and success of our partners. We want to give you all the tools necessary to achieve your goals.

360 publishing approach

Ask yourself the right questions

Is that the best placement for rewarded video?

What kind of new events will keep your users coming back?

Do your monetization loops need to be tightened?

What kind of ads are you planning to have in the title?

What information do you want to gather from a user's interaction with the app?

Is your team experiencing SDK fatigue? How long will the implementation take your team?

How are you attracting users to your store page?

Do you have a plan for organic visibility?

How often should you change your metadata and creatives?

Where will you soft launch?

When should you make a big push on your UA? And where?

Should this be a constant flow or only when there is a game update?

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